Tuesday, March 25, 2008


And while I'm in the mood…

…did anyone read Giles Fraser's ridiculous piece in the Guardian a couple of weeks back, having a go at parents who use euphemisms when talking to their children about death? He takes issue with phrases such as 'gone away' and 'fallen asleep' while suggesting that it is only in church that children can expect to hear the truth about death — 'know that you are dust and to dust you shall return'.

Funny he didn't mention the euphemism most used to explain death — certainly while I was growing up — 'gone to heaven'.

It's sometimes difficult to believe that any of these loons are actually serious, and the whole thing isn't just a big spoof, no?


I know it's been a while…

…but if anything was going to shake me out of my torpor it was probably this. Is it just me, or was anyone else flabbergasted by this little snippet in Saturday's Guardian Family 'things to do with your family this week':

Follow an Easter trail

Explore the story of the first Easter: Lickey Church is holding an inspired Easter Experience on Easter Monday. Set in the beautiful Lickey Hills Country Park, the interactive "trail" promises to involve all the senses and allow participants a chance to reflect creatively on the Easter story. There will be art materials, a tomb, a large cross (to bang nails in) and surprises along the way, and Lickey Church will be open all day.

To bang nails in? As if the whole thing wasn't gruesome enough…

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