Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Faith Schools… Again

It seems the major faiths have got their knickers in a knot (what's new) about whether they are going to be banned from teaching that homosexuality is a sin in faith schools once new equality laws come into force. I can't believe that this is even up for discussion. If these morons want to keep spreading their poison, they should pay for it themselves. It's not like they haven't got the money. At risk of sounding like a Daily Mail reader, is this what my taxes pay for? Of course, if we didn't have faith schools at all, this wouldn't be a problem. Makes you wonder how cynical it was of Blair to move Ruth Kelly from Education to Women and Equality in the last reshuffle. She spent her time in Education talking up faith schools and now she's in a plum position to make sure that they can carry on poisoning young minds with impunity. She's clearly got her eye on her place in heaven...

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