Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Finally got around to reading this excellent piece by AC Grayling, which appeared last month on the Guardian's superb Comment Is Free site. Apart from talking sense throughout, he touches on the issue of what us godless should refer to ourselves as. He prefers the term 'naturalist' to atheist, and he makes a good case for it.

Incidentally, having recently got involved in a short online dialogue with a christian who, within a couple of posts began — politely, it has to be said — to try to convince me of the 'truth' of Intelligent Design, it struck me that for him to stumble across me (or any other atheists) in cyberspace, he must be looking for us. Which is fair enough. After all, many christians take the dominionist aspect of their faith very seriously and proselytize every chance they get. I wonder what the reaction would be to me seeking out christian blogs and trying to convert them to atheism, though? Just a thought...

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