Tuesday, June 13, 2006

"We agree that collective acts of worship are important to help promote tolerance and understanding among children and young people."

So say the Department of Education and Skills, in a statement issued today after a call from the senior figures in the Anglican, Catholic, Methodist and Baptist churches for more stringent observance of the law requiring state schools to hold acts of 'collective worship' on a daily basis.

What is wrong with just teaching tolerance and understanding to children and young people?

Perhaps it's just me, but I everytime I see "tolerate" I can't help but smirk. I'm from the southern states in the US. Tolerate in these parts means telling people to put up with something they know isn't right.

Why not teach acceptance (where appropriate) instead?
Do you know, kc, that's a very good point. Just checked out your blog — thanks for linking to me by the way. Interested in what you had to say about pretend theists - we have lots of them here, but usually for more selfish, even narcissistic reasons, like they want a church wedding so the photos will look nice. It may be true that fears about coming out as an atheist are exaggerated, but I think you guys have it a lot tougher than we do, so fair play to you for standing up to be counted.
What I hate is this assumption that religion = good. On the radio yesterday some guy was defending illegal immigrants because "they go to church". Throw them out then!!!

My son just did his end of year RE test - he answered a question which went something like "The evidence suggests God cannot exist. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?"

Notice how the question is loaded - you have to argue their god cannot exist. Which we all know is impossible. Just like you can't argue fairies can't exist.

He didn't notice this sublety, so he went on and listed all the reasons which make a mockery of Christians belief. Got a decent mark too. Although I noticed the marker (who I know is a Christian) put a few biased Xs in.
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