Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Muriel Gray

A quick mention for my favourite columnist — come to think of it, she's one of my favourite people too — Muriel Gray, columnist for the Sunday Herald and grumpy old woman, who has been nominated as secularist of the year. Unfortunately we can't influence the voting. It's up to the National Secular Society's elected council and Michael Irwin, who sponsors the prize, to decide on the eventual winner, but supportive emails directed to can't do any harm.
For those not already familiar with her, Muriel writes regularly on matters of interest to secularists everywhere, bashing religionists of all kinds with her own particular blend of common sense and ire, which is, of course, all very commendable.
My highest praise, however, is for her warmth, compassion and humanity. During last year's election campaign, she wrote a column about collective responsibility that was so moving that just to think of it, even now, gives me goosebumps. At the time I was moved to tears, and found it difficult even to quote from it without choking up.
In a climate where people of faith increasingly characterise the irreligious as unethical and lacking in morals, she is an inspiration to us all.
I'm trying to track down a link for the article I've mentioned, but you can read her recent columns by clicking on the link in my sidebar.

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