Thursday, July 20, 2006


So sad

Far be it from me to dip my toe into the morass that is the Middle East, but I'm finding this whole thing that's kicked off in Lebanon terribly distressing. To see so many innocent civilians — a third of them children, if the news reports are to be believed — being killed and injured, (on both sides, but it's the Lebanese who are bearing the brunt of it) is terribly depressing.

What's even more depressing is having to explain to my children that even in the 21st century people are still prepared to blow each other to bits because they have faith in a different set of nonsensical beliefs.

The reporters covering the situation in Lebanon - the honest ones, anyway - admit that 99% of their information on casualties comes from Hezbollah.

We also don't know how many "homes" destroyed by the Israelis were weapons stockpiles. That's a favorite terrorist tactic: Fill the basement with bombs and guns and the 1st floor with women and chidren; then cry piteously before the cameras when the Israelis bomb it. Under the Geneva Conventions the people who put the weapons there are responsible for civilian deaths, btw.
If one person, man, woman or child, from either side, is killed in the name of any religion, it's too many, however you want to slice it.
Israel is not killing in the name of Judaism, however. It is an act of self-defense. The capture of the two IDF soldiers was the straw that finally broke the camel's back. You're far to simplistic for your own good here.
Anon, your are being simplistic by claiming Israel is acting purely out of "self-defense".
No, you're being the simpleton. Israel is surrounded by Muslim Nations that loathe her existence. Israel has always acted in self-defense, unlike her arabic neighbors who have gone out of their way to being harm to Israel. Your appeasement of terrorists is noted.
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