Monday, September 18, 2006


He can't be that stupid. Can he?

Honestly, what an eejit the pope is. Or is he? I mean, he couldn't really have been so stupid as not to know that quoting some 14th-century christian bampot slagging off Mohamed at a time like this would get up the noses of the muslim population and tip some of them over the edge into violent protest? Could he? After all, it's not like we haven't plenty of evidence to suggest that many muslims (come to that, many catholics, jews, hindus, sikhs…) spend a large part of their time sitting around waiting for the next affront to their beliefs so that they can take noisy offence.

I'm inclined to agree with Will Hutton, writing in yesterday’s Observer, however, who reckons that the pontiff knows exactly what he's up to. So it's not so much the stupidity of his speech that strikes me, as his complete lack of any sense of irony. That the leader of a church that presided gleefully over such abominations as the crusades and the inquisition has the nerve to lecture anyone about the perils of spreading religion by the sword is hard to credit.

Clearly, he’s had the same irony bypass as the perpetrators of the nasty little campaign running in Scotland at the moment and spearheaded by the catholic church, to stop the Scottish parliament from passing legislation that would allow same-sex couples to adopt. The thinly-veiled subtext, of course, being that same-sex couples who want to adopt are all paedophiles with dubious sexual motives.

I'm sorry, didn't I read somewhere that the catholic church stands accused of covering up one of, if not the, biggest child sexual abuse scandals in history? Or did I just dream it?

The Pope accuses Islam of a lack of reason and a surfeit of violence and Moslems show how offended they are by this unreasonable accusation by going into paroxysms of .... unreasoning violence.

Dunno whether to laugh or cry.
Me neither.
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