Monday, September 25, 2006


It Just Goes To Show…

…you should never take what an 11-year-old boy tells you at face value. Turns out my friend's son copied his homework down wrong. The question should have read: 'Write down 10 religious things about your community'. Hey ho. Lucky I hadn't quite clambered up onto my high horse. I still think it's legitimate enough to ask whether non-theistic worldviews are being covered in RE though.

That is a bit better. But still -- what's his "community"? If you don't live in the Jewish quarter or something then it's probably a bit of a stretch to define any aspect of "your community" as consistently religious in some sense. What is religious about my community? Well, the religious people, for a start. And we have a famous cathedral.And the religious biasses laid bare in our local newspapers... And I'm out!
Yes, I was mulling it over too, and I think I would struggle to find more than three or four. Must find out what my friend's son said.
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