Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Londoners unite against the faith menace

According to a YouGov/Evening Standard poll, 44 per cent of Londoners think ALL faith schools should be banned. Hurrah! I would suggest getting Ken Livingstone on the case, but my optimism feels a little misplaced given his cosy relationship with the mullahs. Still, he's probably our best hope.


I've read a lot of your posts.I share all your views about religious issues. If I was a lot younger I think I would do all that I could to undermine the hold that religion still has on so many people. I am inclined now to enjoy the good things life has to offer and leave those still entangled with religious beliefs to find their own path through life without me. I feel now that to allow myself to get worked up about religion is to grant it a kind of victory over me. I now enjoy the peace I found when the last vestige of religiousity was extinguished from my mind. Keep up your good work but if ever you come to my position, enjoy it!
Hello again Fido
Good to hear from you. Yes, I would like to think that I will get around to relaxing about it all eventually — maybe when I feel like my work here is done!! I'm afraid my mother is still ranting and raving, though, so I fear I'll be at it for a while!
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