Sunday, January 28, 2007


Give me strength!

Parents evening at my son's secondary school. He's in year 7. Delighted to hear from his science teacher that he thinks creationism is as nonsensical as I do.

'I mean,' he says. 'The bible says that the earth is around 6,000 years old! What nonsense, when we have evidence that it is millions of years old.'

'Exactly!' I say. Husband and son commence groaning, heads in hands. She's off, they're thinking. They've heard it all before, and we've still got about 25 other teachers to see.

But then…

'Of course,' science teacher says. 'I was brought up to believe in God…'

Uh oh.

'So I think that maybe… a very long time ago… it was God who created the universe.'

Right then. Where's that maths teacher?

Uh, oh is right. I teach science, math AND statistics. The best gift you can give your little ones is to teach them how to ask good questions. E.g., "How can the earth be 6000 years old when glue was first invented 6000 years ago?"

I just found your blog. Mind if I link to it?
I'd be thrilled!

Those "I seem quite reasonable don't I" believers are the most dangerous.
Your mention of your husband and kids groaning begs me to ask, is you husband religious? If so, how do you handle this issue?

I'm an atheist in a serious relationship with a fairly devout Christian, and the Kid Issue has been of some concern. Any sage words?

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No he's not religious at all, he's as atheist as I am, so we've never had any issues over christenings etc. I suppose he is less affronted by religion than I am, and doesn't see the harm in 'occasionally paying lip service to defunk traditions' (as I have heard it put). He lied in church that he had accepted Jesus as his saviour and that he'd make sure his brother's kid doesn't stray from the path of righteousness, for example, something I could never have done. He just gets fed up with me going off on one all the time. He does get to hear the same stuff over and over again.
My wife is the same, she's not religious, but as soon as I start getting a bit annoyed about religion she also tuts and tries to hide. She also gets annoyed when I start to explain to my son that all these stores are false, I was quite proud the other day when he said "yeh I know dad, I mean, these people who believe in the bible don't believe in dinosaurs, and that just stupid!". I just find it funny that a 6 year old can see through these stories, but adults just can't.

I'm SO looking forward to these kind of arguments with teachers, your very lucky!
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