Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Never let it be said…

…that I don't hold my hand up when I'm wrong. First, I should apologise to Steven Poole, for lumping him in with Theo Hobson and Dave Hill and inferring that he had accused Polly Toynbee etc of wanting to ban religion altogether. I had collected the url for a piece he wrote for the Guardian Comment is Free site, because of something else that he said, and I included it without thinking. I'm sorry.

Secondly, having been back to read the piece on the government proposal for creationism to be included in the RE curriculum, I note that there is also a proposal to include atheism, and that they will be encouraging students to read the texts of Richard Dawkins. So some small cause for celebration, although why atheism should be introduced to the curriculum only as the flipside of a crackpot theory like intelligent design I don't know, and still no mention of humanism.

Glad you're back.

The best way to kill off Creationism and ID is to expose it to the full glare of critical thought. Ignore it, try to brush it under the carpet and kids will go after it the way they go after wine, fags and sex - and if they try those things on their own they'll get into trouble.
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