Thursday, February 22, 2007


Platitude For The Day

If you're reading this the chances are you're not a big fan of Thought For The Day — the anachronistic little god slot that persists in interrupting the perfectly good news and current affairs delivered to us each morning via the Today programme on R4. From Anne Atkins sanctimonious sermons to Rabbi Lionel Blue’s rather warmer and much more welcome pearls of wisdom, there's plenty for us godless to get worked up about, particularly since the BBC have declined numerous polite requests to include some more secular and humanist voices to their list of chosen speakers. Seems downright bloody rude, if you ask me, and tantamount to saying that you can't lead a moral, ethical existence unless you've read about how to do it in some old book or other or had it spoonfed to you via a pulpit (or faith school).

Given that the BBC don't look like they're going to be changing their minds any time soon, a couple of initiatives have been set up lately which might be of interest…

The first is the Think Humanist Thought For the Day — set up by the Humanist Society of Scotland. I'm a bit late in twigging on to this — they ran a series of podcasts from 12th to 17th February, coinciding with 'Darwin week' but relieved that they have a play again facility on the website.

The second is the excellent Platitude For The Day. Check it out.

Platitude for the Day is now my favourite thing ever....
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