Thursday, November 29, 2007


Fancy dress?

Nothing to do with atheism, but on the annual trawl of the internet for Yuletide gift inspiration this absolutely cracked me up. Can you imagine the look on the face of the kid who gets a barrister fancy dress costume? And how on earth are you supposed to dress up as an architect? Tempted by the suffragette, but only if you end up looking like the mum in Mary Poppins. Sorry, Raising Kids, you’re a great website, but I reckon someone might be yanking your chain. And if it is for real, please, please, can we know how many barrister costumes actually get sold?

When my brother was 11 he wanted to dress up as a judge for Halloween. Not quite as elaborate as your barristers over here, but we borrowed a black academic gown off someone which was very passable as a judge's robes, and he carried a rubber mallet for a gavel. Everyone thought it was great and really original. I don't think this website is quite as goofy as you think it is.
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