Friday, November 23, 2007


Just a thought…

I never miss Thought For The Day. Guaranteed to provoke outrage or mirth, usually a bit of both, it never fails to set me up for the day, and of course enhance my enjoyment of its witty counterpart Platitude Of The Day. This morning as I buttered my toast I found myself chuckling as the Reverend Roy Jenkins chuntered on, musing on how hysterically funny it is that a grown man can actually get on air to talk such absolute twaddle.

Then it occurred to me. The other thing I seem destined never to miss is I’m a sodding Celebrity, where I find myself chortling along with the rest of the nation at the bizarre New Age antics of PR guru and Ab Fab inspiration, Lynne Franks.

Now to me, the Rev and his mates and Ms Franks are as loopy as each other, but I bet there are a fair few among Lynne’s detractors who, at the very least, pay lip service to the invisible magic friend in the sky, if not buy the myth wholesale. Funny old world, eh?

I wish I had something witty to contribute, but i've never heard TotD and i've never seen Celebrity. So instead I'll just say "Hi" and "Hello" and "I hope you're well."
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